Protecting your values

ProFlex is your reliable partner for protecting your values. Our dedication to what we do – innovation in new solutions and new products -for you benefit.


ProFlex Aps is dedicated to protect our customer’s values- meaning that we are in an on-going process of developing high performing products for all aspects of the business. Products that can be used for general purposes but also products that are tailor made for your specific challenges. Our aim is to be competitive in price but beyond comparison in performance. 

Reliable Partner Worldwide

We offer a wide range of products for net service and maintenance: traditional water based and oil based antifouling coatings as well as customized antifouling solutions such as against hydroids or coatings for organic aquaculture.

We also supply the machinery for net washing, net drying and net impregnation – all machinery developed with focus on low maintenance and high efficiency.


We provide fishing industry with high quality net coatings and rope coatings, protective paints and treatments for almost any purposes including boat paints and epoxy paint. We can also supply such niche products as flame retardants or buoy coatings. Our products are easy to work with and environmentally friendly.

Marine Paint

We offer a wide range of effective and environmentally friendly products for protecting
your boat and marine equipment such as rope, buoys etc. We are sole representatives for the Aquagard antifouling solutions for vessels - environmentally friendly bottom paint well-established in the US.

Industrial Paint

We supply long-lasting protective coating solutions for industrial purposes.  The product range includes solutions for offshore industry and variety of solvent based and water based coatings, flame retardants and special epoxy paints for water tanks, floors and walls.